throttle body needed

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throttle body needed

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Looking for a 4bbl style throttle body for my ford 460 w/ 425 impco mixer.
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Re: throttle body needed

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as far as I know all holley square bore vac and mechanical secondarie from 450 to 850 cfm are suitable
And maybe rochester....
Swap meets are a good place to pick them up, just check the wear on the butter fly bushes.

If you use the search link above there are several detailed threads on the subject...including what gasket to use with what base plate..and what holes need to be left open and closed off.
I make my own gaskets....smear used engine oil on the top of the baseplate place on the gasket material and tap with a rubber mallet....using a good pair of scissors and a set of cheap new hole punches to cut out.
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