Junkyard findings

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Junkyard findings

Post by Frank » Sun Jun 12, 2005 2:31 pm

As I have a few older cars that I am trying to keep running, I visited a couple of junkyards on my way home from work.

The first one, Van Ryn, a very clean and organized yard in Grimsby, didn't have anything I was looking for. However, I did find the owner to be extremely helpful with car repair and modification advice. While I was walking around, I noticed that he had a number of propane tanks piled up in one area. When I asked him about it, he said that he gets propane vehicles in occasionally but they are a pain to dismantle because the tank bolts always seem to be siezed. He doesn't want to advertise that he has a number of propane vehicles because he is concerned about his liability in an unlicensed person's propane conversion.

The second one, Cars & Parts, a larger yard in Fenwick, had a number of cars with parts I could use. The owners told me that they come across factory-converted vehicles once in a while. They even have propane vehicles of their own so they are more knowledgeable in this respect than the average yard owner. While walking around their yard, I noticed a complete Dodge Diplomat-type vehicle with a factory propane system equipped with a Model 225 and Model E on a 318 2bbl. The tank is trunk-mounted with a fibreglass spare tire well.

In Ontario, only licensed propane mechanics are permitted to perform propane conversions but there is nothing preventing a person from reseaching his conversion and sourcing the parts used in the conversion. The tank is the most expensive part of the conversion and you may be able to find a suitable tank and have it recertified for less than the cost of a new one. Be sure that your parts are the ones you need before spending any money on them!

Whatever you do, do NOT put fuel into a propane system unless it has been inspected and certified by a licensed propane mechanic.

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Post by Guest » Thu Sep 29, 2005 3:25 am

As I have a few older cars that I am trying to keep running, I visited a couple of junkyards on my way home from work.
Where can i keep something like that? :X

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