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Posted: Sun Jun 25, 2017 11:18 pm
by Boeing7873
12x12x48 tank of 33 gl. For LPG. Nice tank, used for about 6 years, installed new ( I am first owner) inside vapour box, inside my Pinzgauer 710K truck. It has a fuel gauge with a viewport and a sender to install an electric meter. This tank, I believe, was designed for a GM Suburban, but you may want to contact Sleegers engineering for specifics on installation, unless you just want to put in on your pickup bed, which is ideal. Let's talk about shipping if you are interested. I am willing to help out if you are not in a hurry to receive it.

Tank is posted on EBAY, a couple of pics there. Asking $360. Shipping is expensive, but again, I am willing to do my best to find this tank a new home. ... k&_sacat=0

From Sleegers web:
SLEEGERS is North America’s leading manufacturer of propane motor fuel tanks for propane vehicle conversions. SLEEGERS is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) supplier to clients who demand the highest in technical capability and quality standards.

SLEEGERS tanks are built to ASME and CSA standards. Brackets are designed and fabricated to meet the requirements of the authority having jurisdiction including, NFPA 58, CSA B149.5, Railroad Commission of Texas, or Title 13 of California.